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Ops Manual Section 4.12; Page 1

1. Applicant to personally visit the SPCA and to fully complete the Application to Adopt form at the SPCA Polokwane premises.

2. Application to Adopt to be reviewed by SPCA Polokwane Manager and an Inspector. This could take a day as these members of staff are not always on the premises.

3. Applicant notified they can now return to view the animals or that they have been declined and reason given for such a decision.

4. Applicant returns to view the animals and make a choice. At this time a staff member will hold an informal interview with the applicant regarding their choice of animal/s.

5. Applicant’s whole family returns to interact with the chosen animal/s to ensure that they and the animal/s are compatible.

6. All applicants pay an admin fee of R150.00 prior to a pre-home inspection taking place at their residence. This fee forms part of the adoption fee if approved and if declined it is not refundable.

7. An inspection is performed at your residence by the SPCA Polokwane personnel to ensure the welfare of the animal/s being adopted.

8. If Applicant is approved then they sign the Adoption Contract and Sterilisation contract if the animal/s is still too young, pays the adoption fee R500.00 per dog and R300.00 per cat minus the R150.00 mentioned above. At this time the applicant is given an ID Tag/s and Collar/s.

9. Animal/s is taken to the relevant Vet for sterilisation, vaccination and deworming by the SPCA Polokwane personnel.

10. Applicant collects the animal/s from the relevant Vet.


Tips for finding a Lost Pet


When a pet goes missing it can be one of the most traumatic experiences for a family to go through, and it is vitally important to act swiftly and not to give up.


Special note for cat lovers – Sometimes cat owners expect their free ranging cats to disappear for a day or two, however in modern society it can be very dangerous for cats to be away from home for extended periods. Your cats should ‘report’ for feeding, health inspection and lots of love at least once in a 24 hour period (this applies to even the toughest old tom cat).


It is strongly suggested that all cats are sterilized to minimize the desire to roam and then to train your cats to be in by a certain time – curfew time like your kids! When they come in you can give them a small treat to reward them and it is suggested to close them in overnight (especially if you live in a high cat risk area – i.e. where there are lots of wandering cats/traffic etc). You will sleep much more soundly knowing that your cat is safely inside.


Here are some tips and suggested actions to help find that lost pet:-


  1. Firstly – don’t give up and don’t assume the worst.
  2. Act swiftly – the longer your pet is missing the more difficult it is to find him or her.
  3. Ask neighbours, workers, school children – ask them to contact you if the pet is seen…. offering a small reward can be beneficial.
  4. Report your missing pet to your local SPCA and any animal welfare groups/shelters in the area.
  5. Contact SPCAs and shelters in your neighbouring towns and report your pet missing with them – sometimes people can pick up stray animals and drop them off at their own local SPCA or animal welfare groups.
  6. Contact vets and give out your pet’s details – a poster with a clear picture is a good idea.
  7. Put posters up in shopping malls, schools, library, video shops etc, the more people who know your pet is missing, the more chance you have of finding them.
  8. Call at night time – your voice carries further and the roads are quieter – this can help especially with cats.
  9. Walk and drive around your area – you may just come across your pet.
  10. Lastly, don’t give up – male cats and dogs can disappear for up to two weeks at a time if there is a queen or bitch on heat. When your little guy returns home, welcome him with loving arms ….and then make an appointment at the vets to get him snipped!!


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