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SPCA Polokwane Adoption Process

SPCA Polokwane Pet Adoption Process

Step 1:Applicant personally visits the SPCA, and fully complete the Application to Adopt from the SPCA Polokwane premises.

Step 2:

All applicants pay and admin fee of R150 prior to inspection taking place at their residence. The fee forms part of the adoption fee if approved and if declined is non-refundable.

Step 3:

Application to be reviewed by SPCA Polokwane manager and inspector.

Step 4:

Applicant notified that they have been approved or declined and the reason given for such a decision.

Step 5:

Applicant views the animals and makes a choice. At this time a staff member will hold and informal interview with the applicant regarding their choice of animal/s.

Step 6:

Applicant’s whole family and other dog/s if applicable, returns to interact with the chosen animal/s to ensure that they and the animal/s are compatible.

Step 7:

Applicant signs the Adoption Contract and Sterilisation contract if the animal/s is still too young, and pays the adoption fee of R950 per dog and R500 per cat.

Step 8:

Animal/s is then sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped.

Step 9:

Applicant collects the animal/s from the Mollie Hawken Animal Clinic.